Chiropractic Techniques

Thompson (or drop table technique)

The Thompson Technique utilizes a specially-designed “segmental drop table” that augments the force being imparted to the joint or segment being adjusted.

Diversified Technique

Diversified is characterized by a high-velocity, low-amplitude precise hands-on thrust. It is considered the most generic chiropractic manipulative technique.

Activator Technique

The activator is a small handheld spring-loaded instrument which delivers a small impulse to the spine that produces enough force to move the vertebrae.

Thompson Drop Table

The Thompson Technique

Benefits are improved strength, flexibility, posture and performance.

The chiropractor uses a specially designed table with padded sections that drop a fraction of an inch when the chiropractor applies pressure to make the adjustment. The short dropping action makes adjustments comfortable, for most patients. The table is used for the spine or extremities.

The Diversified Technique

Spinal manipulation using firm hand thrusts.

Used most widely by chiropractors to adjust the spine and extremities this technique  uses precise hands-on thrusts that are performed to restore proper movement and alignment to the spine.

Diversified technique

Activator technique

The Activator Technique

A softer chiropractic treatment technique using a manual assisted instrument.

The Activator method is a devise-based treatment available as an alternative to manual manipulation of the spine or extremity joints. The device is categorized as a mechanical force manual assisted (MFMA) instrument which is generally regarded as a softer force to align the spine using this chiropractic technique.

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